2. Bonfire
    Moose Lake, Northern Wisconsin
    Winter 2011


  3. I started volunteering as a photographer at the Madison Children’s Museum.
    It’s challenging, but also very fun! I love working with kids and this is especially rewarding because the kids aren’t focusing just on you. They’re there to have fun at the Museum, too!
    Here’s one of the moments I captured.

    I apologize for the lack of posts in the last few months. School takes over my life very easily. Good thing summer is just right around the corner… this Saturday!


  4. Grand Prize Runner-up for my photo, “Rachel”, in the Wisconsin Engineer Magazine Photo Contest 2011


  5. Vis-A-Vis
    University of Wisconsin-Madison Dance Department Spring Concert
    Thurs-Saturday, April 14-16th, 8pm, Lathrop Hall